Stedelen is a trained smith, able to devise simple tools and weapons.

He is armed with a short sword and a buckler(small shield). He is wearing a brigandine, which is a jacket with armored plates concealed within for personal protection.


Stedelen is from the small town of Drystan.

He is 25 years of age, fair haired and able bodied, trained in the use of the blade. he has undergone training as a smith.

Stedelen was made to leave Drystan to further his education. His family and friends urged him to focus on his studies and while dark murmurings surrounded Drystan, he was assured through letters that all was well. However, with the recent disappearance of the caravan that came through the town, he has decided that he can put off returning home no longer. Reluctant to go alone, he enlisted the help of adventurers, some of whom had business in Drystan anyhow.


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